These sometimes unwanted intrusions might require cropping to arrive at a more pleasing image. See any errors on this page? This week, Chris and Jordan take a break from gear reviews to discuss things you should know to get proper exposure when shooting video. The lens also supports macro shooting with the capability to shoot as close as 1. Nikon Coolpix P Resolution: The best cameras for parents. On the other hand, the meter and Aperture Priority mode function well at very slow shutter speeds, unlike those competitors.

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They knew they had a Coolpix photographers would love.

If need be, the thumb can move to the command or mode dials without compromising the security of the ckolpix hold. Scene mode can also be used to make voice recordings. At first, I didn’t find anything over usable.

I spent a month with it, trying the converters, shooting in Santa Barbara and San Nikon coolpix p5000, with flash and without. Another SLR-like feature is the command dial on the top plate, used nikon coolpix p5000 altering shutter speed and aperture nikon coolpix p5000 manual exposure mode, and well as for some menu functions. What’s the deal with that, I wondered. Best Digital Cameras for You can autofocus as close as about 1.

Nikon Coolpix P Feb 20, Still though, the P took a bit more effort and thought to achieve optimum performance and results than do most compact digicams.

Though the P nion poorly on several levels, you can’t blame much of it on the lens. Scrolling the picture at this step jumps instantly to the corners or center, nikon coolpix p5000 you can quickly check the sharpness in the corners or precise framing.

A thumb rest sits above the mode dial. Leica has discontinued its M7 film camera after 16 years colpix service. There’s only one unfortunately placed item: This combined with the optional wide and telephoto nikon coolpix p5000 gives the P a versatility that could attract a varied group of shooters: In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting people and events, nikon coolpix p5000 recommended the best.

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Its smallish, rubberized grip and thumb rest make the P quite comfortable for one-handed shooting. A white balance preset, or custom, setting is also available.

By Cliff Smith February 5, 6: This would ordinarily be a mode of last resort, as the higher ISO will of necessity produce noisier images. Tune in to find out. It doesn’t feel either nikon coolpix p5000 or light — it’s just right.

The improved high-performance image -processing engine, further enhances the resulting image quality and nikln incredible color.

Nikon Coolpix P Digital Camera (Black) B&H Photo Video

The Nikon Coolpix P provides a 10 megapixel sensor, excellent image and color quality, and an ergonomically excellent camera in a compact, easily portable package. We’ve seen huge breakthroughs in the computational photography techniques in the latest smartphones, as well as the launch of some excellent small sensors in more traditional cameras. Nikon coolpix p5000, power, zoom camera settings all automatically set in the SB No need for the Ray-Bans.

With a wide-angle converter that could make for nikon coolpix p5000 extremely high barrel distortion, but the P also has a Distortion Control option to correct barrel distortion when a converter is attached.

If you colpix have a swivel or articulated LCD, a sharp viewing angle is not a bad substitute, and the viewing angle on the P’s LCD nikon coolpix p5000 easily among the widest I’ve ever seen. Continue to next page 01 Vivid view medium image view large image.

Nikon Coolpix P5000

The service is also planning to a social network-like “heart” button that lets you like other people’s photos. Camera dimensions are approximately 3.

Everyone who saw the Coolpix P and we took it everywhere loved it: