Joseph, I installed this drivers on my Windows 10 Pro x64 without any problems. Can you help me? Does anyone have any ideas that might help? Hi, I have this system at home including the software, however with all the building alterations the sleeve of the disk was damaged and now I do not have the serial number for my software as I got a new PC and would like to install it. If you downloaded it, could you please tell me which of them it was? I really would like to get this to work with Windows 8. Right-click on the audio device and select ‘Update Driver’.

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It is asking me for my product key. There are two possible dialogs you may get here.

USB EasyCap Video Capture Device

After this step, Windows will attempt to install the drivers, and will notify you of the outcome once completed. Is it working on a different computer? My Hardware ID eaxycap DC by honestech is totally useless.

Just hope it works now! Perhaps we might start noting what hardware IDs work with the various controllef on the master list?? This is a Windows problem. I ordered EasyCap, but it does not work on windows Muchas Gracias desde ya. I do have to say a big Thank You! When i remove and replug, same is happening. I have Windows 8.

I have the same problem. There is a driver available on the following website: Be carefull recording takes a lot of place on hard disk. The device is recognized as an audio device also after I installed the driver. That is it just purchase a quality top of the line usb cable and your good to go.

Do you have a link I can use to download? Right-click on the audio device and select ‘Update Driver’.

USB 2.0 Video Capture Controller for Windows 7 (64-bit)

I use Windows 8. Much better to feed the audio into line in. I would have never though to use my phone!

Really a pain in the ass. I have the software you mentioned Easier Cap DC usbtv and while it does produce both video and audio without problems, there is still an issue with the picture aspect using this driver.

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, and 10 | Visser I/O

I tried it on several computers too. In my unqualified opinion, if it works to convert my precious VHS then its worth spreading the news. For anyone who may be interested, my captute ID was:.

Thank you for hosting this site. If you are unable to find the drivers you might have to contact the manufacturer and check if the drivers are available for windows 7.

All links have been updated. Thanks a whole lot! It not only helped me so much but also saved me from a big disaster. I controllrr a ezcap usb 2.