The main ones were that macros couldn’t handle more than one command correctly, quit during syscalls due to interruption, and ALIAS with more than one device wasn’t working correctly. My approach to HA seems to be quite different from everyone else’s – and I was wondering if I could coerce HeyU to play along. Thanks for the replies. X10 on Windows is like that. I’ve read quite a bit about others’ pain trying to get the CM15A working with Linux without success. This command is purely intended for the CM11 and CP The command usually consist of a few bytes the command itself and the address of the unit to control.

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Now uses syslog to log errors when in the background. Brian H on June 23, Know of a good feature to add or have seen something in the TODO file you want? I think it cm1a be on the top of anyone’s list looking for CM11A control under Linux. Power-fail Macro Download Poll Code. Interface Serial Data Buffer.

Member Helpful Cm11s Rating: The command usually consist of a few bytes the command itself and the address of the unit to control. You are not referencing the International volt one are you? If anyone knows of others I’d like to hear about them.

The virtue of ppower is that it is designed to ilnux as a daemon at all times, keeping track of the status of the X10 system, taking action on events, queueing requests, and providing information on the events it is receiving to any interested clients. Brandt on June 29, Message will transform the unit code.

If you’ve managed to get it working, send me an email. The PC can set the interface clock with an unsolicited transmission at any time. Termios issues and a bug on Solaris fixed.

Just do rpm -ta ppower- version.

CM11A – LinuxMCE

I also set up Misterhouse on my Redhat system. Interface Ready to Receive.

In noisy conditions, retransmission is required by protocol. CM11A still the best for Linux? The previous webhost for ppower is no more, so ppower has been moved to SourceForge.

This command is purely intended for the CM11 and CP Ljnux Charles’ help – I did!

If the PC does not respond, then the interface’s data buffer will overrun, and additional data will not be stored mc11a the buffer. Home Help Search Login Register. Heyu is light and powerful and uses shell scripting.

CM11A still the best for Linux?

PC Response to the Poll Signal. Views View View source History. CM11A is a device that uses the X10 protocol to control lights and maybe other stuff around the house by transmitting data over powerlines. CM19A is wireless signals RF only you’ll need a or other to convert to powerline signals. I tried misterhouse first as well dm11a it was just too bloated and i’m not a fan of perl anyway.

CM11A Communication Protocol File

Today it doesn’t work. Interface Checksum and PC Acknowledge 3.

It can be used to turn things on and off and lights dim and bright. Cm11x notes CM11A is responsible for sending commands from LinuxMCE and transforming them into X10 commands DevicePoll will perform the communication with peripheral devices sending commands, checking checksum, etc. Otherwise, purchase and properly install a filter.