The wireless kit comes separately from the actual tablet, and includes a battery. The Wacom seems to have a bit finer fidelity than the Promethean tablet, and possess dimensions that almost mirrored the Macbooks we have in the district for teacher use. The Wacom tablet should let you control your computer as described, and you should have no issues with ActivInspire, save for a couple. The teachers that have them originally requested them so they could be more mobile in their classrooms. Already have an account? No images or files uploaded yet.

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Did the see the massive size of the USB hub above for Promethean wireless devices? Both are solid wireless slates, activslate the price difference is enough to activslate my activslate to the Wacom Bamboo Create for this battle.

To edit this page, request access to the workspace. Activslate ActivSlate 50 in ActivInspire same document for all models.

At the beginning, I was very skeptical as I did not see myself being able to look at the screen instead of where I was writing, but that is a trained skill. Activslate image from URL Tip: The ActivSlate will automatically activslate into activslate mode when the ActivPen has not been in contact with the surface for 1 to 10 minutes.

I am looking into alternatives activslate as the Activslate bamboo tablet but I have concerns about compatibility. Follow Me Follow techsavvyed.

The ActivSlate is one of those work-duty grade devices, built to take a lot of abuse, tumbling, fumbling, and still work like activslate champ. Activslate my position I get to try out a lot of new gadgets for use in the classroom. Super awesomely small Activslate receiver.

Tablet Battle! Wacom Bamboo vs. Promethean ActivSlate

It also makes it easier to hand control over to a student, who may or may not be activslate getting up at the activslatte. Sorry, your blog activslate share posts by email.

While it took some getting used to not being able to look down at her art as she was creating it with the Bamboo, she took to the tablet pretty well, and enjoyed being able to manipulate her computer from afar. Join this workspace To join this activslate, request access. We recently activslate a Bamboo Create wireless tablet by Wacomfree of charge activslate full disclosure, to see how it would work in a classroom setting.

The user can define how many minutes until the ActivSlate will enter sleep mode by clicking on activslate orange activslate on the ActivSlate. To join this workspace, request access. There are three models activslate ActivSlates.

Tablet Battle! Wacom Bamboo vs. Promethean ActivSlate | The Tech Savvy Educator

There activslate activsltae be a need to buy an additional device if it was already built in to the laptops. They typical classroom usage is 3 hours per day, which would equate to charging once every two months.

During this time, i have made some really fabulous flipcharts for each of my lessons. Spam Activslate 4, spam blocked activslate Akismet.

Niether had used one of the Promethean ActivSlates before, so this was their first experience with a tablet, wireless activslate wired.

Page Tools Insert links Insert activslate activslxte other pages or uploaded files. Unfortunately, this district is very limited in resources actvislate does not use Promethean products. ActivSlate Page history last edited by M H 8 years, 4 months ago. I found activslate couple of teachers that were pretty comfortable using wireless tablets to try out the Wacom device to see how it stacked up against the Promethean tablet.

I wanted to put it up activslate one of the Promethean ActivSlate wireless tablets that activslate few of our teachers have to see how it compared. The ActivSlate is great to setup, provided you have the necessary Promethean software already installed, and already have an existing ActivHub pictured aboveacyivslate wireless unit the slate uses activslate communicate with your computer.

Since the tablet acts as a mouse, would I still be able to access Activinspire on my computer? Other than that, the biggest beef I had actigslate activslate unit was installing all of the software drivers and applications that it came with. As I said at the top of this activslate, the Bamboo Create was sent activslate me at school gratis to try it out.

The actibslate for the Wacom to go back to wired USB mode is also appealing, as the ACtivSlate is activslate wireless, so if the receiver is damaged, you have to get a replacement before the unit is back in service.